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Originally Posted by Old5Oh View Post
If you don't place the order you don't get in line. That dealer is wrong. I placed my order July 14, I got my VIN two days ago and my car is scheduled to be built in late October. All orders placed in August and September are behind me!

Just for kicks, my VIN serial number is 19,500 and change. If you believe they are building 300 to 400 cars a day, it just about works out to build 20,000 cars in two months (production started 8/28.) I know of guys with VINs in the 13,000 range scheduled for the week of 10/6, so this makes some sense.

I am sure they will catch up at some point, but as noted they haven't really started to build the retail orders yet, these first cars have all been for dealer stock. And ALL of them are sitting on a back lot in Flat Rock. It doesn't appear that Ford has released any production cars for shipping as yet. Soon. Very soon.

But join MCA, get your PIN so you can get an X-Plan (near invoice) price, and find a dealer who will get you in line!
Great! Let us know when it arrives. No need to join MCA when you're from Detroit, lol. You know SOMEONE who works for Ford. I used to get the A then Z plan, which is what I used on the 08. No more

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