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Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
I'm not sure what you are saying either. Are you saying that Ford Australia is calling that car in your orignal post a Mustang? It looks like a Falcon GT to me, complete with a silhouette of what looks to be a falcon in the front bumper.

The Aussies do build some pretty kick ass cars though.
No Im saying that the new S550s shouldnt be called Mustang.
They should rather belong to the family of Falcons.

All mess that we have right now, with unhappy Mustang enthusiasts, is only because some of them feel offended by seeing a car that has been changed so drastically.

Wouldnt you agree, when comparing a last gen 2010-13 Mustang to the new S550, that it tends to have more DNA from an autralian Falcon then from an american Mustang?

Thats why I postet the Falcons picture, for comparison.
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