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I think Ford missed the boat on the new mustang, but nothing that can't be fixed with a few little tweaks

The Basic design is pretty good, but there are a few things they just missed.

1) the front splitter looks like after they designed the car, someone said, needs a splitter, but instead of redesigning the bumper, they just added a splitter with out trying to integrate it into the bumper
2) same thing with the side ground effects, instead of designing something that looks right, they just said lets stick a piece of black plastic between the front, and rear wheels. In pics it looks good, but in person looks cheep, and added on in the last second
3) the body colored paned under the rear bumper, just to much
4) wheels, come one Ford, if your going to offer a optional 19 inch wheel, make it worth ordering. At only 8.5 inches wide, it gets the same piece of crap skinny tires that the 11-14's came with. I swear a priis has wider tires. If there going to offer a 19 inch wheel, go 9 inch wide, and give us a little wider tire

The interior has a few issuers
1) ground speed on the speedometer , just to cartoonish
2) knobs for the radio way to big, and spaced out to far
3) toggle switches, look ok in person, but in person cheep
4) automatic shifter, to tall

I was all excited when I saw the first pics of the 15 went out and ordered a Limited Edition, but when I saw one of these cars in person, was so disappointed, I cancelled my order

I think if Ford fixes the issues I listed, which caused me to cancel my order, it could be a awesome car, but right now it just falls short

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