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Originally Posted by F91 View Post
If there was a magical 400 HP motor in the SN-95 (terminator excluded) you're right, I'd be driving one. Might still get a Termi one day anyway.... Count me in as a bit disappointed with the weight gain vs HP bump. Like others have said, the car could have been scaled down here and there to lose weight. Personally, I won't bite till the flat plane 500HP 5.2(?) is available. Looks are truly subjective.
Dude, you could have swapped a coyote into a sn95 or fox and would have been faster. You could have built, forged, and boosted a 1st gen s197 or any previous model mustang would have came out lighter and faster... but you chose to go heavy with the 11+ gt... am I the only one who finds it laughable you all are complaining?

I guess they should have scaled down the s197 too right? Can't believe you people are so up in arms over what 86lbs?
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