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Originally Posted by Hamidar05 View Post
I'm on board with you Op

Thank you.

We'll see how well the model sells, I for one am not interested.
It's IMHO not hard to NOT understand you, for your decision!

Originally Posted by blkandgud View Post
Cocaine is a hellava drug...
Probably is, havent had any experience so far..but if ya say so, just curious why you define a great artitst, that Rick definately was, only by his addiction?

Originally Posted by Charlotte Stang View Post
The cool thing is no one is going to make you buy one. If it offends you, vote with your wallet.
Im really upset what ford did and will definately take your suggestion into account. Not only for this 2015 model!

Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
I plan on voting with my "FusionStang" for me. My next will either be a 2013/2014 Shelby GT500 or a Challenger.....but that's several years into the future.
Jedi D.
Feel you on that one! Also thought about the shelbies. Pretty much the holy grail for me, us. To own a real true GT 500 is definately a cool thought!

Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
With posts like these.. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how the Sn-95 even sold.. lol doesn't look American..
I dont know, the Sn-95s actually didnt bothered me that much, still looked americano to me but this 2015 right now, man this thing really hits the fan, if you know what Im talking about...

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