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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
This is a lot of misguided marketing ********. The EB has a lot of interest not because its 'green' but because its a novelty. A little turbo that growls and makes good power.

If Ford is trying to sell Mustangs to pajama boys, they are off target. The effeminate youths that are 'green' arent into cars and wont be buying Mustangs anyway.

The modern aluminum V8 isnt going anywhere.

By the way, guys in my age group that I know, lates 20's/early 30's dont give a **** about being 'green' and want power and a gurgling motor orchestrating a symphony of 8 cylinders.

All you old guys need to relax, our V8 Mustangs arent going anywhere. Remember the auto industry is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the US. They literally have billions to play with when it comes to lobbying and influence. Once the Obama regime is deposed, many of its anti-auto bureacrats will also be gotten rid of and thus over the next 10-20 years, alot of loopholes and ammendments will be made to EPA and CAFE regulations.
I am an old guy,68 to be exact,I remember I heard the same story way back in 1973,everyone said nothing would happen to our beloved performance cars,result was they NEUTERED them to almost zero performance so don"t count on the auto industry for support.

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