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Originally Posted by FirstFord94 View Post
I don't care so much with the weight (the z28 is a porker, but handles amazingly well). But I think it's funny that you think the SN95 is worth mentioning here. Who wants a car that rides like an oxcart, a fisher price interior, and perhaps most importantly, a 20 yo swiss cheese chassis?

Not all of us like mustangs for the their straightline speed. I like road course work and I'd take an s197+ all day long. Once you add up all the necessary bracing, you're sn95 ain't that light.

And the s197 didn't handle like an oxcart and have fisher price interior? Lol sn95 came in mid 3200 lbs with an iron motor... even with all the reinforcements the coyote based s197 is still going to weigh more than the sn95. The expectations you all are setting for the mustang are downright unrealistic.

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