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Originally Posted by Vsix View Post
Don I also once suggested they ( Ford ) should've be better off, giving me the responsibility for the exterrior design, instead of these guys....except Pericak.

Anyhow whatever we say, were to little to get heard, even if we point all design flaws ( as you correctly did )
My suggestion was also to never change a winning team ( 2013's )
No one heard me either...
This was the greatest Mustang ever!!!!!

It really hit me hard, since I can remember I loved mustangs and loved ( do not understand following the wrong way ) the back ground of proud built american muscle!

Now knowing a guy living in germany was designing the mustang, two english guys, brothers, one works for ford, the other for Jaguar were responsible for exterrior and a woman, obviously bad taste, designed the interrior made me only more confident in backing up of the 2015 deals.

Not talking smack here, wanted to order two.

Again I havent got a problem with english guys designing a mustang, I grew up multi cultures but I have the feeling something definately went wrong. Hearing that guy ( who lives in germany) referring about the mustang and its heritage, well at least to me, sounded like a lie. Im no buying it, not buying that this guy is an enthusiast...
Pericak, yes he really got stang DNA, no boubt about it but I bet he felt the same as I and many others working with mentioned people.
Well, anyhow my wallet, as mentioned before, will vote and Im afraid alot of enthusiasts will unfortunately follow my route...
I know I shouldnt say that but seeing this 2015,my complete mustang fan boy world got flipped up side down :-(

As I said before, if they wouldnt call the 2015s a mustang and optimized instead our 2013s, Ford had a billion deal for the world mustang!

They just could've called the 2015 a Falcon, even with the ugliest exterrior and interrior I've ever seen so far ( remembering the gumpert RIP ) only out of *et pluribus unum* I would had bought it just to show and represent!
Parked next to my 2013 Mustang GT 5.0 sitting and representing, in my drive way.
Good lord it's a CAR. Don't like it? There's 1000 other choices. Pick one and move on.

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