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Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
Maybe you could say that the 2015 is a FUSION of the New Edge and the S197 Mustangs....

I see what you did thar...

But really though, the New Edge Stangs were a great size, not too small but also, pretty light. They just never made power unless you had a Mach or Cobra. The interior can be forgiven as every car during that time had craptastic interiors. Heck, BMW's and Mercedes Benz during that time had cheap plastics everywhere. The only thing they had were those faux wood paneling on the door sills that are now peeling off the cars.

I originally thought they were going to go to the New Edge size. Can you imagine a 435 HP engine in a 3300 lb car?

But to me, I think Ford did a good job on the new car. There will be a power bump in the future, which is why I'm not worried. Just glad they actually worked on the actual car this time.

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