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Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
I thought they were amusing. Don't them it too seriously, it's all in fun.
NOTE: it's still me, "2013 R/Red 5.0", a mod deactivated my newer account and I'm still waiting for them/him/her/God Almighty to change these older tags out

Well, we might not take these posts that seriously, but I was censured regarding my respectful (but decidedly to the point) responses. The threat of bans also reared it's head.

As a recently retired Professional Firefighter, I was trained to behave in a distinctly firm manor and with a manly disposition (excessive tip-toeing around in that career could have gotten either me or a victim/patient killed).

So if I get banned (the mod and I remain in disagreement), just wanted to let you know ahead of time I could not reply.

Even though I do like the 2015 Mustang, I'm perfectly content 2011. It's paid for and I hate car payments.
My 13 GT is everything I wanted in a 5.0 Mustang, so my car will remain as well. Also, I purchased a new red '93 5.0 LX shortly after getting getting hired in the FD, and now 20 years later I bought a red 5.0 just before I retired.

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