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Originally Posted by Old5Oh View Post
Let's update this thread.

OK To Buy was achieved the week of 9/21.

Retail orders have begun to schedule, the earliest of those will be build the week of 10/13.

Job #2 is underway. Those cars will be shipping pretty much as they are built. The Job #1 cars (built between 8/27 and about 9/20) will be shipped after they pass QC. Necessary repairs will be on a Last In, First Out basis, meaning the cars built 8/27 will be the last ones shipped to the dealers. ALL Job #1 cars are dealer stock, not custom orders.

Actual dealer stock begins to leave Flat Rock Monday, 9/29.

Guys are seeing delivery estimates for cars now built and "awaiting shipping" as early as mid-October.

Ford's promise of "Fall, 2014" seems to be right on schedule. The information is out there, if you look for it. Unfortunately this forum seems to be on a real down note about the S550. Betcha that doesn't last all that long after real cars get into circulation. Reminds me of the "Fuel injection is the end of the world" moping in 1985, and the "Modular engines will never make any power" predictions in the late '90s. C'mon, gang. Embrace change.
First order delivered to customer 9/30!

2015 mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro seats, All-weather floor mats.

Ordered: 5/20/14
VIN received: 10/16/14
ETA: 12/11/14
Delivered: 12/10/14
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