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I haven't posted in a while, so for the sake of argument I'll throw my hat in.

I have been playing with 05-09s for a bit owned 4.
I stepped back and bought a new edge simply because I'd never owned one.

I then took a friend's '13 5.0 for a little felt like driving a boat. A very smooth and quiet boat.

Does that mean the 13 is bad? Not at all, it's 1st gear was light years ahead of mine. But I personally didn't care for the way it felt.

Is my chassis crap? Most assuredly. But at the same time I enjoy the more raw feeling it exudes.

I have yet to get the chance to hop in a 15, but I'm sure it will further address the failings of my car.

But in the end we have the cars we wanted right?
Granted I want another 05-09 one of these days, strictly because of looks. But I was lost in 2010 and haven't found myself wanting something newer since.
But that's just me, as it's been said time and time again, looks are subjective.
I know many people who absolutely hated the 05-09s, then those who fell in love with the 2010+, it's very subjective.
Power means jack squat to me. I don't race or hit the track. My car is well maintained, looks and sounds good. And to me, that's what I wanted.
But in the end my car weighs less than 3400, it isn't the fastest, but it's paid and I like it.
In the end shouldn't that be what matters?

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