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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Ridiculous drivel.

If this afternoon Ford started spitting out brand new SN95s with Coyote motors and T56s for for $20-$25K, I would be in line to get one.

The reason I bought my car wasnt because of aesthetic or any other reason than to get a 400 hp manual RWD factory car.

I owned both a 96GT and a 99GT and would drive a 3300lb SN95 or new Edge all day over a 3700 lb S197 given that both cars had the same driveline.

The reason I didnt go with a motor swap is that its very hard to get a factory fit & finish and reliability with a motor swap. There is a lot of mix n match and fabrication involved and then you still need to tine for driveability and ensure all the elctronics are working right. It can be done, but its not a simple drop in the motor and trans prcoedure.

So yes, if Ford produce a brand new Coyote powered S95 or New Edge, I wouldnt hesitate for a second to buy the lighter car over the piggish S197 or S550.
My comment wasn't necessarily limiting to a coyote swap.. Even if you stuck with the 4.6 2v.. You could have simply forged it and boosted.. Still would have saved some coin and weight. I'm not trying to attack you all, but just know the logic the majority of you are going by is a little flawed.

End of the day... If weight was that important.. You wouldn't have accepted the near 300lb weight gain so readily in the 2011+ stangs from the Sn95, but because you all gained 100 Hp.. it was worth it.
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