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Originally Posted by blkandgud View Post
To be fair, the S197, especially the early 05-09, rode like oxcarts too and also had a fisher price interior...The interior didn't get semi-decent until 2010.
Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
And the s197 didn't handle like an oxcart and have fisher price interior? Lol sn95 came in mid 3200 lbs with an iron motor... even with all the reinforcements the coyote based s197 is still going to weigh more than the sn95. The expectations you all are setting for the mustang are downright unrealistic.
Compared with the horrible chevy cavalier-esque interior of the SN95? You're kidding me right? The early s197 is like a Bentley in comparison. Of course, the updated s197, and more so the s550, makes it a bit more respectable compared with competitors.

You're also both on crack regarding the chassis comments. The early s197 was WORLDS better than the car it replaced primarily because the chassis was much stiffer.

Several review from the time were quite happy with the chassis/ride of the new car:

From a C&D review of the 05 GT:
"The next best thing about the Mustang is that it now rides like a modern car. Less jarring crash-through, fewer expansion-strip jitters, no lateral wango-tango over broken pavement, less suspension-borne road noise. Yet even with the far cushier ride, handling has improved. Not even the most recent independent-rear-suspension SVT Cobra can match the new GT's skidpad grip, which now also surpasses a Nissan 350Z Touring's, come to think of it."

From Tony Swan of C&D, on the 05 GT:
"It's hard to attain roll stiffness and still keep the tires in constant contact with the pavement using this time-honored (read "neolithic") technique. Nevertheless, the GT exhibits a blend of compliance and response worthy of a BMW. Nice job, guys."

From MT on the 05 GT:
"All that said, the new car felt quicker and easier to pilot smoothly around the track than its glue-factory-bound predecessor, and most of these issues fade in importance once you drive off the track."

(from the same article)
"After just a few Michigan potholes, one wonders if Ford's modest structural improvement figures are overly conservative. The body feels snare-drum tight, attenuating impacts instantly. The extra rigidity coupled with the revised suspension allowed Ford to tighten up the shock valving and roll control without ruining the ride, which is slightly busy but never uncomfortably harsh."

It seems like one of you guys is comparing the early s197 with newer mustangs and the other guy just doesn't want to believe that his SN95 is outclassed in every way compared with even an early s197.

If I'm building a track car (road course), I'm picking the best chassis I can as the basis--there's no doubt that the s197 is the better choice vs the SN95. And with regard to ride and interior design, back in 2005 when it was first released, there is no doubt that the s197 is superior to the ancient SN95 on both counts.
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