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Originally Posted by 2012 IngotSilver 5.0 View Post
NOTE: it's still me, "2013 R/Red 5.0", a mod deactivated my newer account and I'm still waiting for them/him/her/God Almighty to change these older tags out

Well, we might not take these posts that seriously, but I was censured regarding my respectful (but decidedly to the point) responses. The threat of bans also reared it's head.

As a recently retired Professional Firefighter, I was trained to behave in a distinctly firm manor and with a manly disposition (excessive tip-toeing around in that career could have gotten either me or a victim/patient killed).

So if I get banned (the mod and I remain in disagreement), just wanted to let you know ahead of time I could not reply.

My 13 GT is everything I wanted in a 5.0 Mustang, so my car will remain as well. Also, I purchased a new red '93 5.0 LX shortly after getting getting hired in the FD, and now 20 years later I bought a red 5.0 just before I retired.

Ok you want to take this public we can do this. Calling someone immature because they disagree with you is not, and I repeat, NOT respectful.

I too am a former fire fighter/EMT and that doesn't give me public license to act like a jerk, just saying... This is a public internet forum, not a fire scene.

Kenv is a former fire fighter, do you see him acting like a jerk? Californiacajun is a fire fighter, does he act like a jerk in public? This forum is chock full of current and former Fire Fighters, EMT's, LEO's and Dispatchers and I don't see the majority of them acting out under the guise of "I was trained to be a jerk". So cut it out.

You got a warning for insulting someone else. A warning, as in, no points... Several around here have gotten points for far less than what you did. Get over it already.

Your second account got banned because it should not exist at all. The rule for this is probably the most concise and easy to read rule on this entire site:


Only one (1) username/Account is allowed per member. Do not create more than one account. They will be deleted when found. If you find that you do not like your username, contact an administrator & ask for it to be changed. If the name you want is not already in use, they will gladly change it for you.
I don't know about you, but I see no ambiguity there??

And its not like I went out of my way to look for it. I wouldn't have known anything about it until you told me you had it and what your previous username was. Read the rule above and tell me just exactly what am I supposed to do with it????

Yeah I thought so.

There was no threat of any bans for what you said, if you like I can ask for and possibly receive permission to make our PM's back and forth public too. In fact there was no threats about any bans, period.

The ban had only to do with the the second illegal account and not with what you said in this thread or in any of your PM's for that matter.

To top it all off I have bent over backwards to try to fix what YOU messed up by breaking the rule by attempting to get any posts you made with your second illegal account merged in with the first I just don't have the horsepower to do it myself and the admins are having some sort of problem with their PM's as soon as they see them I think I can get it accomplished, still (even though I don't have to).

So in closing, there is no need to tip-toe around anything. Disagree with each other, including me, at will. Just don't go into the realm of attacking the person you are disagreeing with and you have nothing to worry about.

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