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Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
Dude, you could have swapped a coyote into a sn95 or fox and would have been faster. You could have built, forged, and boosted a 1st gen s197 or any previous model mustang would have came out lighter and faster... but you chose to go heavy with the 11+ gt... am I the only one who finds it laughable you all are complaining?

I guess they should have scaled down the s197 too right? Can't believe you people are so up in arms over what 86lbs?
Originally Posted by FirstFord94 View Post
I don't care so much with the weight (the z28 is a porker, but handles amazingly well). But I think it's funny that you think the SN95 is worth mentioning here. Who wants a car that rides like an oxcart, a fisher price interior, and perhaps most importantly, a 20 yo swiss cheese chassis?

Not all of us like mustangs for the their straightline speed. I like road course work and I'd take an s197+ all day long. Once you add up all the necessary bracing, you're sn95 ain't that light.
Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
And the s197 didn't handle like an oxcart and have fisher price interior? Lol sn95 came in mid 3200 lbs with an iron motor... even with all the reinforcements the coyote based s197 is still going to weigh more than the sn95. The expectations you all are setting for the mustang are downright unrealistic.
Yep the early s197's did. The later s197's did not-and they look good too!

Any American car built before the mid 2000's either a) handled like an oxcart or B) had a Fisher-Price interior or c) in most cases both.

If they didn't, there wouldn't be more Koreurojapanese cars on our highways than American cars. Go into any parking lot and count just one row of cars and you'll see what I mean.

Still I understand exactly why everyone is all up in arms about the weight. Thats because Ford was leaking, though the media, as late as mid 2013 that the s550 was going to LOSE weight-depending on which article one read-as much as 200 lbs.

The car came out and it got heavier. It could have only been 5 lbs, it came out heavier. If no one had mentioned anything about losing weight, I don't think too many people (maybe a few) would be whining about the weight gain.

Shoot even within the s197 generation the Mustang gained weight throughout its run. My brother's 2006 GT Premium weighed 3488 lbs. My 2014 GT Premium weighs 3618 lbs (both curb weights googled via Edmunds). Nobody complained because Ford also substantially bumped the horsepower up from 300-420 during that period. Thats 11.6 lbs/hp in 2006 and 8.6 lbs/hp for the 2014.

Enter the 2015. All the speculation (not necessarily Ford's fault) was up to 200 lbs less and maybe 450hp in GT form which had people salivating for what could be.

Instead we got a car that came in at 3705 lbs and 435 hp, or 8.5 lbs/hp. Not bad, just not what we were hoping for. Couple that with the drive-line losses through IRS and the drag racing community is losing its collective mind over this.

And then you add the looks-the subjective part, well we have a bunch of people that are not happy.

Ford is betting that more people will be happy than unhappy, and I guess in the end they will be right. They are betting that a large number of those aforementioned Koreurojapenese owners in that hypothetical parking lot will be driving over to a Ford dealership eventually to pick up a Mustang, or maybe just to look at a Mustang and end up getting a Fusion or a Focus instead of that next Accord or Camry.

But don't be surprised that the Mustang loyalists are on the feeling betrayed list.

I mean, Ford's not worried about us. Those of us who drove and worshiped those Fisher Price looking, truck motored Fox's
will eventually come around and get another Mustang because for the most of us, that's what we do. Ford knows that some will draw a line in the sand and go elsewhere but they are betting that that number will be relatively small.

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