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Originally Posted by blkandgud View Post
To be honest, even if the Mustang goes 4 cyl only, millennials aren't going to look at the Mustang.

They either look at public transporation/bicycles (hipsters) or BMW's/Audi's (yuppies) or just a car to get from A to B.

I hardly think a younger kid in my generation to look at a $25-30K Mustang 4cyl when they can buy a well optioned used 3 or 4 series for the same price.

Just being honest, but really think Ford will fail if they're targeting the Ecoboost to the younger generation.
I agree with you,I live in S/W Florida and I go & show my Mustang at many car shows, and 99% of the folks are of the baby boomer era,I think Ford is going to get a huge wake up as far as there 2015 Mustang,also MOST of the baby boomers don:t like the new 2015 Mustang,or the Eco Boost 4 Banger idea.
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