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Originally Posted by akwal07 View Post
if the camaro loses weight, gains power, and keeps a similar look to the current model...what chance does the s550 even have? europeans deciding to buy it at a premium to have a novelty car, which they dont have the money to put fuel in? Because tell me how many brits and germans with money for a sports car and gas that are going to choose a mustang over m3/m4?

I really don't think that ford thought this through. I think the majority of people who like the design also like german or asian cars and still wont crossover to mustang.
Lol.. You know what.. I'm sure everyone said the same thing about my beloved SN-95.. Gained weight, Looked ugly, and not much more power... Camaro has it in the bag.. Flopped and disappeared for a number of years.

For the record, I find the 05-09 Mustangs to be some the ugliest mustangs to date. 10-12 have the best front ends, but horrible looking rear ends. 13-14 have the best rear ends, but ugly fronts.

End of the day.. if the 2015 mustang surpasses the Camaro throughout the Year of it's release.. I highly doubt the 2016 Camaro will surpass it with similar Design cues.. Everyone has an opinion on what looks good and what doesn't..
Yet, we all know the s197 isn't gonna beat the Camaro in sales. hence making another Retro theme stang is out the question.
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