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Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
Lol.. You know what.. I'm sure everyone said the same thing about my beloved SN-95.. Gained weight, Looked ugly, and not much more power... Camaro has it in the bag.. Flopped and disappeared for a number of years.

For the record, I find the 05-09 Mustangs to be some the ugliest mustangs to date. 10-12 have the best front ends, but horrible looking rear ends. 13-14 have the best rear ends, but ugly fronts.

End of the day.. if the 2015 mustang surpasses the Camaro throughout the Year of it's release.. I highly doubt the 2016 Camaro will surpass it with similar Design cues.. Everyone has an opinion on what looks good and what doesn't..
Yet, we all know the s197 isn't gonna beat the Camaro in sales. hence making another Retro theme stang is out the question.
If only it was so simple Many people forget that the V6 Mustang out sells the Coyote by 2 to 1 in the USA. The "Mustang market" is actually many different markets (Which still includes many secretaries). Some of those market groups really want a "great interior" with first class electronics and driving features. Many buyers are looking for a car that "stands out" in a crowd of cars. And others really want a "good value" car - price and functionality. Many of those groups don't "haunt" this board. I think the last group will be disappointed with the new Mustang. The price has seriously escalated in the last 5 years - over inflation - and particularly when it comes to the cost of new functionality. It would be very hard to say whether it was exterior style, interior quality, available electronics and features or price escalation that has hurt Mustang sales in the last five years. Only time will tell how these markets respond to the new "Mustang formula."

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