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Originally Posted by TexArmageddon View Post
Not really sure what you're trying to get at here, but my comment was mostly just pointing out monthly sales figures alone. I don't think too many people would Deny the Mustang had better interior than the Camaro. Yet, it still sold better by a large margin. Likewise, performance was similar, but the Camaro still sold better. Lastly, the mustang was Cheaper, but the Camaro still sold better.

Looking at those alone.. It's pretty easy to narrow down why you can't beat your competitor.

A.) The general public wants something other than the mustang since it was sales leader from 03-08 with no real competition. So to set themselves apart they wanted something different from it.

B.) The mustang was just uglier than the Camaro and Didn't have IRS to boot.

I think your A and B hit it on the head why the Camaro sold more. But, don't think the general public care about the IRS thing...most people don't know the difference between IRA and SRA.

Also, the Camaro was all over the new Transformer movies. That definitely helped its appeal too.

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