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Originally Posted by 3.8LMustangV6 View Post
I don't think anyone here understands.
Ford can careless about the Camaro, it isn't trying to compete with or as a pony car anymore. I don't think they ever did tbh. There is a reason why Mustang is 50 years running and all the other muscle cars didn't and that is the ability to adapt and constantly attract new audiences.
They turned the Mustang into a legit sports car that handles very well.
I've sat inside both the 2010+ Maro and the 2010+ Challenger/Charger both interiors inferior to the Mustangs now with a complete redesign of the interior, the Stang is by far the nicer car inside and out.

Yeah it sucks Ford's intentions for the SN-95 were to build a straight line performer (without regard to interior) with a v8 at an affordable price same for the beginning to mid s197, but it's clear where they are trying to go/do.

I mean look at what they are doing with the Shelby a 600hp high revving naturally aspirater V8 that handles WELL. Who else builds those kind of cars? Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche.
They clearly want more respect from European countries.

It's like Ford saying it's a new "me" I guess.
I like it, I want the new 5.0.
I for one have never Viewed the mustang as a Muscle/Pony car... Those are nothing more than stupid Monikers... The mustang is and always has been a Sports Coupe car. Hence, like any other company that wants to succeed .. You have to be better than other sport coupes in the price range of your product. Lower tier cars have always had one focus.. Look what we can offer for cheap compared to high price brands such as Ferrari Etc.. The goal has never changed.. never will.
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