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I'm a Journey Lineman. As an aside from Mustang talk, I'd like to play in this testosterone fest too. Linemen ARE jerks. We have to be. remember: Firemen need heroes too.

Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
I too am a former fire fighter/EMT and that doesn't give me public license to act like a jerk, just saying... This is a public internet forum, not a fire scene.

Kenv is a former fire fighter, do you see him acting like a jerk? Californiacajun is a fire fighter, does he act like a jerk in public? This forum is chock full of current and former Fire Fighters, EMT's, LEO's and Dispatchers and I don't see the majority of them acting out under the guise of "I was trained to be a jerk". So cut it out.

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