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Just drove the 2015 Mustang (thoughts, and a couple pics)

I was at a dealership getting the oil changed on my 14 GT. Was waiting for my car and saw a red 2015 on the lot. I walked out to take a look and of course within seconds the staff were there and the next thing i knew the keys were in my hand and they were putting dealer plates on the car. I always humor these guys and go along with all their crap, i get a bit of a kick out of it and usually some laughs. Anyways so i drove the car. Was a base model 2015 v6. Apparently one of only a couple 2015 mustangs in Canada right now.

First off, the car looks slightly better in person than in photos. However, still not to my liking. I like the s197 over it for sure. Maybe it would look better as a shelby or something but i was quite unimpressed with the appearance of the v6. Basically im still not a fan of the 2015 styling.

The car drives allot more refined than our cars. It feels more european, and seems to be a bit more smooth in its driving experience. However, i prefer the raw muscle car feeling of my car. Interior is so so, it was a basemodel after all so no leather or aluminum. Seating position is good, adequate head room (im 6'6") and the dash lay out is nice if you ask me. Once again the whole inside of the car feels more euro.

I really liked that it had paddle shifters, they felt great and worked great. I had a 2011 v6 with the same engine and this one felt much soother and faster due to the paddles, and the way the drive train was set up with the IRS.

The car had 25km on it so basically only like 10 miles and it already had some rattle near the bottom of the radio display and transmission bezel area. Drove it on the highway and since it was a windy day i could actually see the hood flexing and going up and down.

Its a cool car, but id never trade mine for it. Lots of people were looking at stop lights and checking it out as many have probably never seen it before.

Other than that, my overall feeling of the car is meh. Nothing to write home about. Although the car feels more European, the fit and finish is not much better. Its basically a fusion with regards to how it is put together. Not a bad thing, but nothing extraordinary.
You can still tell its cheap. Sticker on it was 29k in Canadian pricing, so probably 24 or so for pricing in the USA. To conclude, the car is decent, but it didnt give me a "wow lets do something stupid and make a poor financial decision" kind of feeling which a great car is supposed to do.

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