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Originally Posted by OkieHick View Post
This may get moved to the 2015 forum but the intent of this post is to point out an issue that affects us all. Yesterday I listened to a promotional video about the 2015 Mustang. One of the participants in the video was the Mustang's chief designer. He stated that the reason they are heading in the direction of the 4-cyl engines is to appeal to the younger market who cares more about being "green" than the number of cylinders. That's OK I suppose, but I hope they won't ignore the market composed of we who treasure an icon of the roaring 8 cyl muscle car era. Pretty soon the Mustang could evolve into a 1.2 liter front wheel drive with steel wheels!
As a member of the younger generation, a Mustang is all about a V8 and manual transmission. I've got no interest in four or six cylinder Mustangs regardless of how they perform.

I bought a Mustang to have fun with it. If I wanted to be "green" , I'd drive a Prius.

That will never happen.

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