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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
A person....any person......working on a new Mustang should never, ever, in a million years, use the word "green".

Never. Ever.

This shows a paradigm shift in the approach Ford has towards the Mustang. It's no longer meant to be a ground-pounding, earth-shaking GT/Sports Coupe. It's now meant to be a limp-wristed, tofu eating, diversity celebrating, politically correct, birkenstock wearing, metro-sexual "world car".

The entire Ford group that created the new Mustang are not "car guys", and need to be sacked. All of them. They all need to go before they completely ruin the car. They're a bunch of sissies. A bunch of panty-waisted, skinny-jeans wearing, latte-sipping little ninnies that care more about a soft ride, and infotainment equipment in the Mustang, rather than performance. Their favorite pass-time is to go to wine & cheese parties, and sniff their own farts.

Imagine if the same group of people are around to design and engineer the next new Mustang. Good Lord!!! It will have a 3 cylinder motor that runs on unicorn farts, and Barbie Glitter paint colors.

"Oh, I know, we can give it a Rainbow Coalition paint scheme, and front-wheel-drive. will be sooo pretty!! Do these jeans make my butt look big?"

The next Mustang should be engineered and designed by people that are not racing, because they have lost limbs from over-taking accidents on the track. They should eat pistons and spew flames. They should wear baggy over-alls and smell of motor oil and blood. They should be called "Bubba" and "Max Venturi" and bring cigarettes, 40 ouncers, hookers and blow into the engineering/design center while they work.

If the next new Mustang does not go air-born, flip over, and burn at the side of the track at the Nurburgring, they won't be trying hard enough to make it what it should be.

Are we long lost brothers?

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