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Originally Posted by 5ive-0h View Post
I'm sure many of you have seen SubaruWRXfan on youtube. He was in a BRZ and loved it, but unfortunately had to sell it and downgrade to a Mini due to financial issues. He has always had a passion for Mustangs, like most of us here, and has started a fund to help him get back into a fun car for the benefit of himself and the fans. He is looking at getting into an EcoBoost Mustang. Please support if you have the means to do so. Not sure if this is in the right section, but it's worth a shot. Almost there! Subaruwrxfan's 2015 Mustang Ecoboost - FundAnything
God if life would be just easy as that...
I cant believe he wasnt able to make a few bucks out of his ytube vids.
Well anyhow, I do like his reviews, he is a real enthusiast, saw his M3 E92 reviews as well as thatdudeinblue 5.0 mustang GT review.
He did a good job and if anyone got a few bucks to share, feel free to do so.

Also good guys for reviews.

Rob Dahm ( lambougeenee, enterpreneur )
Doctam3 ( owns some flight-,car-, and boat companies )
Thatdudeinblue ( studies film school )
Saabkyle ( man, is he good pure )
Jamezbound ( 2013 5.Oh and lux. watches )

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