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Originally Posted by AMAlexLazarus View Post
Anytime! Thanks for tuning in!

There's a lot of info in your post and I hear you on some if not most of this! I think they're going to be making some subtle modifications for the 2016 year and beyond...I've had the pleasure of seeing Pobst race in a variety of different cars and I'd really like to see what he could so with the 2015 against the M4 to get a better idea of how they'd stack up against the competition!

At this point, subtle mods aren't going to cut it. They need to drop 400-600 lbs in weight, and get the suspension sorted.

I am going to go waaaaay out on a limb here, and assume that even the Performance Package shocks and struts won't be anywhere near quality and firm enough.

Ford screwed up big time. All they needed to do was take the 2014 car, and shrink it by 10% in every dimension. They didn't even need to do an IRS, just use better suspension components with the live-axel rear-end.

Do a bit of improvements to the MT86, and it would have been GTG.

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