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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
Yeah it continued all the way through.

I still maintain that the Ford V8's all the way through the modular, OHC (both SOHC and DOHC) era regardless of displacement are some of the nosiest engines ever produced when it comes to the underhood racket made by all those extra moving parts versus the GM OHV engines of the same time frame.

Most of the clicking and ticking we hear is normal for our engines. My 97 F150, 2001 Grand Marquis (4.6L 2V), 2004 F150 (5.4L 3V) and both Mustangs (Coyotes) click and tick their collective asses off, to the point that I had stopped noticing it until someone else brings it up.

I will say that while people were searching for causes for some of the louder ticks, problems have been found with specific parts and pieces (the belt tensioner on the Coyote is one that comes to mind), so kudos to those who took the time to track these issues down.

That said, most of the ticking is absolutely normal, the variance being one's own sensitivity to those noises.

Both 4.6's and the 5.4 that I previously owned all went well north of 100K miles before I offloaded them and are still running for their new owners today. I never had a problem with any of them. I expect that both of my Coyotes will out last the cars they are installed in, too be honest.

And I am sure that the 2015+ Coyote will be noisy as well, its the nature of the beast.

Not only is our "Global Moderator" (Rich) 100% Correct in his Reply.....It is also right on Point as far as the "Slightly Upgraded" 2015 Coyote 5.0's are concerned....Because aside from the "Belt Tensioner" issue (which was addressed in '13-MY's with Both the upgraded Pulley, and the Recasted front Timing Chain Cover, by deleting some of the "Zig-Zagged" reinforcing cross hatching that could interfere with the rotating Belt.)
These 4 Valve TiVCT Bullets are inherently a bit more noisy than Both of the GT 500 engines (5.4 Condor and the 5.8 Trinity) and the Older 4 Valve 4.6's (Cobra and Lincoln Mark VII's and Aviators) due to the fact that those 4 Valve Engines have "Fixed" Camshafts.
These Ultra Complex Coyote 5.0's are louder due to the constant "Snapping-Clicking" that is manufactured by those 4 Camshafts Constantly adjusting the timing of those 2 Banks of 16 Valves on each side.....And then throw in the fact that this is done with Torque Actuation that drives the Coyote's TiVCT's Phasers, instead of implementing the previously used (Slower to react) "Oil Pressure" solenoid type Cam Phasers, like those that were used in both iterations of the 3 Valve VCT Modulars, like in the 2005-2010 4.6L Mustangs, and the 5.4L F-150's.......

But again! With 32 Valves, 32 Roller Fingers, 32 Lash Adjusters, along with 4 Cams that are Constantly adjusting to Timing tables being sent to them Via "Signals" from the CPS (Crankshaft Positioning Sensors) Reluctor wheel, into the PCM, then to the Phaser solenoids....Well its a Miracle that the Coyote 5.0 ARE as Quiet a they are!!!......


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