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Originally Posted by 2005 white s197 View Post
199.99 you have got to joking.......right? Come on you guys are better then that, 15.00 bucks in Alum. 6.00 in powder coat and 45 mins. In welding at 65.00 per hour. Max. Price should be 149.99. Wanting to really sell product with return customer base price should be 139.99.
Uh oh. Someone doesn't understand economics... or even basic business principles.

MMR has a few things to pay for that you didn't account for:
- overhead and administrative costs
- R&D
- QC
- manufacturing facilities
- tools and other equipment

If you can put one on the market for $139.99, then I suggest you do so. I'm sure you'll have all the 'return customer base' you can handle that are willing to take advantage of your lack of profit motive.

Just think of all the product you'll be able to move without making a dime for yourself!

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