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Originally Posted by kiteboarder View Post
I got to put 85 miles on the clock of this beast on Saturday! I also got a driver to drive my car while I shot a few rolling shots of it for my website.

Let me just tell you. I LOVED it. It's more refined than the outgoing model. But it still feels like a Mustang IMO. It's a beast. The interior is gorgeous. Lovely place to be in.

This one is a 5.0 with Performance Package, Brembos, Recaros, etc. The Recaros cause a bit or a blind spot when changing lanes, but the clever little rearview mirror sonars (or whatever magic they are) are pretty useful!

Well, here's the best shot of the day:

Can you elaborate more on how well it handles mid-corner bumps at-speed that made the previous models skip sideways a bit (especially if in stock form)? Pls explain the handling characteristics of the independent rear suspension. Also, where the live rear axle is great for drag racing, how does the IRS handle a good HARD launch? That's the biggest difference in the 2015. The rear (and a minor change to front suspension) , and how it handles different situations.

I personally am curious about how a blown 5.0 with IRS handles those supercharged launches. Whippple and Rousch have the kits.... Wondering how that testing went.
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