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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
interesting read...I feel like because they hate the added weight and looks (which are subjective anyway so they shouldn't really be part of the review IMO) so much it kinda clouded their review..gave it a very negative tone, which I think was what they were going for. They didn't spend much (if any) time on the other 2 cars bashing/praising the looks, I don't know why they had to do it for the stang. But regardless, The 1LE is close to 2k more MSRP than a GT premium w/PP for a reason: Bigger wheels and bigger/better tires. Not that it matters, because we're comparing stock to stock, but if the PP option was 1k more and came with the same tires..I think track reviews/results would be quite different. Also, its funny how in 2013 Motortrend described the the 1LE as the "Ford mustang boss 302 killer" And now they're comparing it to the GT lol. (yes I understand the 302 isn't around any longer but it was quite a bit more expensive than the GT PP). As far as the 0-60 times, I don't think it was quite fair because the Scat Pack was an auto.. + I've seen someone run a stock 15' GT PP at 12.6 but whatever, I still think the 15 is a great improvement. My only complaint about it thus far (just from reading/watching videos) is they stuck with the Pirellis
I imagine a review without subjective opinions would make for a fairly sterile read. By allowing multiple reviewers to offer their thoughts, however, certain opinions can be counteracted to provide a more balanced overall approach. In this case, the reviewers collectively disliked the the headlights - and I can't say I blame them.

Also, after watching the 1LE vs GTPP track video comparison, I would be more focused on upgrading the suspension in the new Mustang than the tires. I couldn't believe how much rolling and secondary motion I was seeing compared to the very planted Camaro. I was really hoping for more from Ford.
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