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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post

Thank you for the link to the article; great read. Too bad the Mustang has such a weak intro, especially in an anniversary year. As the article states, as the Mustang is updated/improved things should get better, so Mustang fans should take heart. Nevertheless, as I've been stating since day one, taking the Fusion styling theme and attempting to morph it into the Mustang was a boneheaded move by Ford. The front end still isn't growing on me, and I think that from some angles it's down right homely. I truly hope that Mustang sales hit 100,000 in 2015, but my fear is that they'll be lucky to come in at 90,000, given the competition from Camaro and Challenger. Whoever approved the final front end styling for our Stang, in my humble opinion, should be fired or at least demoted to cadet!! Oh wait, J. Mays head of Ford Design, retired upon Mustang's move, got out of Dodge while he had a chance!

Jedi D.
Agreed regarding the front end styling blunder. I certainly wouldn't have minded seeing a more modern interpretation of the '11-'14 front end, but to completely depart from that look was an unfortunate misstep.
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