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Originally Posted by Duc93 View Post
I imagine a review without subjective opinions would make for a fairly sterile read. By allowing multiple reviewers to offer their thoughts, however, certain opinions can be counteracted to provide a more balanced overall approach. In this case, the reviewers collectively disliked the the headlights - and I can't say I blame them.
While I appreciate the subjective comments it was Motor Trends subjective view that when they tested the '13 GT500 to the ZL1 that despite the Shelby smoking the Camaro in two out of three tests MT gave the win to the Camaro because in their opinion the Camaro was a better car and if you just gave it enough trips around Mazda's Speedway they were sure the brake fade on the GT500 would reduce the gap by enough for the ZL1 to take the lead.

You have to realize that MT are Camaro fanboys through and through and even when a Mustang beats the Camaro they hem and haw and make up reasons why the Camaro is still a better car. Objectivity, when it comes to MT writers is questionable at best. MT is like Playboy, you don't go there for the articles.

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