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Bama Performance Tunes AmericanMuscle's 2015 Mustang GT with JLT Cold Air Intake!

The team over at Bama Performance has been hard at work on our Competition Orange 2015 Mustang GT and we're excited to announce what they we're able to put down on our Dynojet 224xLC!

While our stock 2015 Mustang GT was able produce an impressive 381 RWHP and 359 RWTQ baseline with 93 octane in the tank but the Tuning Specialists at Bama Performance weren't too satisfied and with some subtle parameter adjustment they produced 402 RWHP and 382 RWTQ!

With the arrival of The New 2015 Mustang means New Mustang Parts and we couldn't resist lending the guys at Bama JLT's New Cold Air Intake to see how much more horsepower they could unleash from our Coyote! While some of the technology from the 2011-2014 is similar JLT needed to design a new intake from the ground up to ensure it would not only be able to provide the maximum amount of air flow but to keep internal temperatures down.

Utilizing 110mm tubing with a 5" Inlet coupled with a fully Roto Molded Heat Shield, JLT's Intake comes with a fresh air duct that leads right to the grille that's purposely designed to keep inlet air temperatures as cool as possible. JLT went with a 5x8" S&B Filter with a built in screen to guarantee a straightened airflow path as well. One of the coolest features in our opinion is the fact that they had this designed to be used in conjunction with an aftermarket throttle body!

In synopsis Bama Performance was able to yield some impressive curve gains of 27RWHP and 42RWTQ and they're eager to get back on the dyno with a few more modifications!

93 Octane Stock RWHP/RWTQ: 381/359

93 Octane Bama Tuned RWHP/RWTQ: 402/382

93 Bama Tune w/JLT Intake RWHP/RWTQ: 412/382

We spoke with Bama in regards to the similarities and differences of how the 2015 is tuned and found that due to the charge motion delete valves there are 12 additional spark and torque tables as well as the vehicle relying more on toque calculations than previous generations. Rest assured we're definitively not done working with Bama to further develop our 2015 Mustang fleet and I'll be making updates as they come in soStay Tuned and for all things Mustang, keep it here at AmericanMuscle!

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