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I honestly find these comparison tests a bit nonsense, mainly because how many people really take the cars (the 3 pony cars, not just the Mustangs). Probably 1 in every 500 pony car owners race them?

If you read the whole article, both the Challenger and Mustang were ages better than the Camaro for regular road driving and cruising. The Camaro is heavily critized here....

Then on the track the Mustang was difficult to drive, yet it was beat up by 0.2 seconds (24.7 vs 24.5 on the Camaro).

On the paper the 2015 "beats" the 2014 and previous Mustangs, yet the 2014s and previous were better than the Camaro? Just dont get it.

It would be interesting to compare the 2014 vs the 2015 Mustangs in a real test not just figures.

To me Camaro and Mustangs are not competitors because people who like the Camaro wont ever buy the Mustang and viceversa. (real competition is for sales in reality)

The Challenger on the other side... man this new Challenger really makes me think about cheating with the Mustang LOL.

I think having these 3 alternatives is awesome. Really passionate cars with tons of personality and great V8s.

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