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I have a 14 in that color and this post really made me want a 15 like the one at your dealer lol. I got money too and i am very impatient and feel the same as you. I reccomend modding your car to compensate the wait, you have money, you are impatient? you want speed and a new car every time you throw on a new mod/ tune? thats the way to go imo till the 15s above start being sold at sticker price widely ive seen some reasonably priced in socal i also would like to see how the irs plays out im a fan of the old solid rear axle. I dont think its gunna be a bad thing and may encourage myself to learn about the new rear ends i just wanna see how it plays out i dout it will be problematic. im thinking enjoy your 5.0 its a beast and if your having trouble go hop in one of your other ford products for a few days and park the mustang, after a few days of enjoying the other cars youll probably love the mustang a bit more. do what you think is best the 15s are gunna be cool but you already have a nice car and can do a lot with it
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