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Originally Posted by Radioguy View Post
Actually they quote "Curb Weight" - which is defined as the car with a full tank of gas but no cargo or passengers. If you take the Vorshlag weight (3718) and add the full tank of gas (probably about 14 more gallons, at 6.4 pounds per gallon - and a few (5 lbs) for the floor mats and the tire repair kit and you get 3812.6 LBs. That is pretty close to Motor Trend's 3814 LBs. More importantly, they follow the same process for all cars - so you get accurate comparisons. By the way, the Challenger and the Camaro hold more fuel, so their curb weight includes a few extra pounds for the additional fuel. No Conspiracy here

Comparison: Camaro SS 1LE vs. Challenger R/T Scat Pack vs. Mustang GT Page 4
What's the point of linking what MT states. Either MT scale is broken or Chevy is using other means to weigh their car.

Chevy Clearly has the 1SS at 3,905lbs and the 2SS at 3,935. So who here is following the same process because I don't see it.
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