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Originally Posted by Bgoins View Post
Not a surprise - to people that understand vehicle dynamics - but still a nice piece of analysis by MT...:

From this test, we can conclude that the Z/28's advantage is not simply a better set of tires. Mounting the Z/28's wheels and tires to a Camaro 1LE did not allow the 1LE to meet or exceed the performance of the stock Z/28. In fact, in half of our tests, the 1LE fitted with Z/28 tires failed to outperform the Z/28 fitted with 1LE tires, much less the stock Z/28. Tires, then, are not the be-all, end-all of handling. They are part of the equation, and improving the tires can improve performance. However, the tire must also work with the suspension, the brakes, the steering, and the chassis. Handling is holistic, and many variables are involved. Spring rates, shock rates (both compression and rebound), anti-roll bar stiffness, bushing stiffness, suspension geometry, alignment, chassis stiffness, and more can all affect how well a car handles. While improving any one factor can increase performance, the system as a whole must be considered not only to more meaningfully improve performance, but also to retain or improve the driving experience. After all, does it matter how big the skidpad numbers are if the car is unpleasant to drive? The Camaro Z/28, then, is not just an expensive set of tires and a wing. It's what Chevrolet promised: a serious track car that's been modified from the ground up for better performance."

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