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Test Drove a '15 GT Today....Eh

I have a 2012 Brembo Mustang, which I love.. So my sales buddy invited me to test Drive a 2015 GT today and I have to tell you didnt do much for me.

The straight GT comes with 235's... Really?

The steering was way too light and the clutch was like pushing on a wet noodle. It goes fast straight just like my car does.

The car had way more body roll then my '12 Brembo. The hood seems too wide, but Im sure you get used to that.

The dash is array of modern day switches with a few old time chrome ones thrown in...

My '12 seems alot more bad ass with the GT-500 axle backs on it and firmer steering and man's clutch feel.

Im hoping that the performance pack has a better feel. Perhaps, I'm comparing apples and oranges considering I have a Brembo car, But I was expecting more.

I wasn't ready to buy anyways, but would have considered it if it really excited me... but instead it was just.... Eh...

I was hoping I was gonna like it more.

Anyone else who has a '11-'14 have this experience after driving a '15.?

2015 Mustang GT Performance Package... Stock for now..

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