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I had my 2014 in for some warranty work yesterday (my passenger side Pony Projection Lamp had fallen out).

When I went to pick up my car the dealership's General Manager came up to my wife and I while we were standing at the pay window to sign the warranty paperwork and he had walked up to my wife an said to her "I want your car back" (she had brought me there in her 2012).

She lol'd and asked him why. He said that was because he had her brand new 2015 GT that was just delivered sitting out front.

Without any kind of hesitation she blurted out "But I don't like it, I love mine the way it is!" He feigned disappointment and told her that he ordered the first one Deep Impact Blue because he had been inspired by her car one day when she brought it in for an oil change. We shared a laugh and I told him I would at least go take a peek while waiting for the service tech to bring my car around.

Sorry for the crappy, impromptu cell phone pics, I really need to work on my aiming skills:

I didn't send too much time looking because the tech had moved my car out front pretty quickly and its a pretty tight squeeze for others getting service to get in and out of that area so I hadda get my car out of harms way, LOL.

The car does look better in person than in pictures, which I believe I had stated before is what I thought I would say when I finally saw it. I'm still not feeling the back end and it looked naked without grill fogs up front, but overall the car is a nice looking car. If our 2010-2014 s197's never existed and this was the style they went to straight from the 2005-2009's I probably would have been drooling over it.

My wife pretty much felt the same way, her biggest gripe was the nose.

I didn't get in, but my peek through the drivers side window told me what I needed to see, the interior is really nice

I might go try to drive it on one of my days off next week (if it hasn't sold by then) just to let y'all know how it compares with both of our GT Premiums.

Hers:2012 Mustang GT Premium,6M,Kona Blue Exterior/Charcoal Interior, 400A, HID/Security Pkg ,Comfort Pkg.
[COLOR="DimGray"][B]His: 2014 Mustang GT Premium,6M,Sterling Gray Exterior/Charcoal Interior,400A, Reverse Sensing/Security Pkg, Comfort Pkg SMR# 3635
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