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Originally Posted by choate View Post
T... If Ford was going to offer a performance package, track pack, whatever you want to call it, it should have had even wider tires and wheels and much more suspension stiffness. Before the 15' I don't think the track pack even got bigger wheels and tires vs the brembro cars or better shocks but I could be wrong...
The Brembo cars were the sort of Track or Performance package cars of their day, specifically built slightly less than the BOSS. As such they got a just slightly stiffer suspension and slightly wider tires (255s versus 245) over the plain GTs. (GT/CS had 245s on 19" rims). The performance pack 2015s seem to have even wider 265 on the tires, but I am unsure if they stiffened the suspension any.

But, I do agree with your overall assessment, Ford left too much on the table, maybe because there will not be much difference in the GT350 suspension wise or they were still refining the GT350 and did not want a plain GT to get too close in performance.

GM has the advantage of having already produced the ZL1, Z/28 and 1LE and can refine each in its own niche area while not offending the higher priced cars.

Randy does comment these are daily driver street cars as opposed to track machines. Even guys who own BOSS and Z/28s comment they are (at times) unhappy with them as daily drivers.

I am not trying to excuse a failure to perform on Fords part. They took it in the shorts and should be embarrassed. A 2 second loss at Willow Springs is a 2 second loss. But, at least for me, I am not buying a Camaro.

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