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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Hmmm, good idea.

I have 6 ton torin double locking jackstands that rise to about 24 in. I figure that would be enough height, but 1.) I don't like have jackstands maxed to their highest point and 2.) I plan on using the HF transmission jack that is about 8 inches in height itself. I have various blocks of wood that I can use to supplement the cup on my floor jack to get even more clearance when it comes time to roll the trans out from under the car, so Im not super concerned about it, but just trying to get specs to help plan the job out.

Also, any tips/tricks to aligning the input shaft one reassembly?

Lastly, just pulling the tranny wont necessitate an neutral misfire profile/crank relearn will it? I heard that only needs to be done when the flywheel is pulled off. Any insight into this?
I had to slide the transmission off the HF jack onto some wood and drag it out. No way it could come out on the HF jack still.

Input shaft can be a pain. First time I didn't have the tranny jack and it was a bear. With the HF jack it was a lot easier. Just get the angle right and some twisting/wiggling and it slid right on. Having the exhaust/cat out of the way makes the twisting a lot easier.

Shouldn't have to do the relearn if you're not taking the flywheel off. I only did it when I replaced my FW/clutch, not for the trans rebuild. Even if it does throw a code later, most dealers will do the relearn for free if you ask nicely.

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