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I'm still shopping for my first Mustang. Something seems to always get in the way every time I get close . . . kids in college, moving, no room in the driveway, moving, changing careers, etc. I am hoping to finally do it this time.

Anyway, I test drove both a 15 GT and a 14 GT the other day. I wanted to do them back to back. I wanted SO MUCH to like the 14 better because of the massive price difference (due to the massive rebates on the 14) but the 15 was so much nicer on the inside, looked better on the outside and felt much better on the road.

Since I'm going against the grain a little here I will qualify my statements above: the only 14 GT I could find fast to keep my experience "fresh" was an auto and the 15 was a manual (which is what I want). Also, I'm not a sports car expert like many here not having ever owned a muscle car.

I'll still have to wait until rebates start in March though because there's no way I'm paying sticker (some dealers around here are even playing the add-on game).
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