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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
Hey guys,
So I know this has been discussed on pretty much every mustang forum, but I did some searching and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. Most of the forums trailed off into people's options regarding the subject, thats not what I'm looking for. Looking for users with experience with custom dyno tunes and BAMA tune(or any other mail order tune). I'm want to see dyno results comparing the two (preferably) or just your results from a BAMA tune compared to what your car made stock. Trying to decide if its worth the money for a custom tune. Again, not really looking for options just numbers

Oh and looking for numbers from 5.0's, obviously.
Very few people care enough to spend the 100-200$ it takes to do the "before & after" dyno runs. Frankly, if your just looking at the horsepower (10HP improvement out of 435 HP), it probably isn't worth the trip - even if it makes what they claim. The real benefit from most tunes comes in the improved overall drivability. Throttle response, increased low end torque, reduced ECU torque management and improved shift schedules and shift pressure on automatics are much bigger gains then the HP. I had a series of tunes, from BAMA, on my 2011 V6. I thought several of them made a nice improvement in the driveability of the car. I went with the FORD Racing Performance Parts tune on my 2013 GT and I think it made a huge improvement in the performance of the car; grabs a lower gear much faster - or two - improved low end torque, much smoother throttle response etc.

I would call BAMA - or some other tuner group - and ask them what all the changes, and effects, are in their tunes. You might be surprised.

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