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Stopped by a dealership in Circleville, Ohio and they had a V6 available to look at....I was not impressed. There are some aspects of the car that I like however. The interior is really nice, and the seats are very comfortable holding you in like the old Recaro's. The view from the back is nice, and the rear haunch reminds me of a wide body kit flaring out nicely around the rear wheels. The biggest negative to me is that hood and front end styling. No matter how much I try to like it, that Fusion front end and those wrap around headlights just look ugly to me. Sitting inside the Stang and looking out over that the hood screams European and not musclecar.....reminds me of the "long hood" look of the RX7. Also, too many curves/lines in the hood, looks like the stylists tried to overstate the design language.

Anyway, the European/Asian crowd and younger generation of Americans may appreciate the new Mustang, but I'll venture to say that most of us old timers will be turned off by it, or at the very least, not be enough of an improvement/upgrade from our 10-14 Stangs to make a trade and purchase.

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