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Originally Posted by 908ssp View Post
The LE1 and the PP just aren't meant to attract the same buyer. With the tires on the LE1 you will lucky to last 10k and are dangerous under 40 degress. Is that what Ford should have put on the PP? I bet Ford's PP outsells the LE1 4 to 1. Ford took the obviuos choice after all they are in business to sell cars not impress magazine writers and web site critics.
The Brembo package did come with Pirellis that were next to worthless on sub-45 degree days. I'm fairly certain the same/similar tires were put on the TP and PP cars.

The biggest advantage the Camaro had was the suspension. Chevy put on all the right parts. Ever notice the first Mustang mods are tune, springs/shocks? There's a reason. Ford went too soft on the suspension. Especially on the Brembo, TP and PP cars.

As for the 1LE and PP not targeting the same buyer, both packages are for the occasional trackday/autocross driver. Chevy just did a better job of it. As for, "just wait until the .... Mustang comes out", sorry guys we need to admit it, Chevy beat us on this one.

Now after saying that, the Chevy owners still have to look at that hideous dashboard and control layout. That was one of several reasons I didn't get a Camaro. The other was the ridiculously huge "wagon wheels" they put on the car. I can barely tolerate the 19's on my Mustang.

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