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To be honest, these threads are annoying as hell.

If you don't like the 2015 Stang, why are you on the forum FOR it and bashing it? The OP starts the thread out by saying he's not bashing it, but then ...bashes it completely.

It's a different look from the 2011-14 cars , yes, but...move on. I'm a 12 owner and I rather like the 2015 Mustang. Yes, it has a corporate face, but ALL cars, and their sports cars typically have their corporate faces. The FoxBody Mustangs are a prime example of that.

But, I feel like the 2015 picks up where the 2004 Mustang left off. It's a modern interpretation of the Mustang. Which is what it should be. The whole "if it doesn't look like a 1968 then it's not a Mustang" stuff is wishy washy. To me, when I see a 2015, I see a Mustang written all in it. One of these days, I plan on picking one up. No offense to the 2012-14's, but it's nice to ride in a car that doesn't creak and go all over the place over a bump on the road.

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