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Some info that Chris from GForce Engineering posted on another forum about the Halfshafts I have coming from him:

Originally Posted by Gforce Engineering View Post

We have a set of the FRPP Level 5 Half Shafts that we make exclusively for Ford Racing shipping out to you tomorrow.
These are the same axles that Ford has been doing all the testing with over the last several months on the cars that have been seen in the videos released by Ford.
These are the Level 5 Outlaw Half Shafts that have our billet cv internals and big 31 spline axle bars and have been tested in IRS cars that put down 1500+ rwhp.
The BMR Camaro shop car that has our 9" IRS conversion in it has axles very similar to these in it.
To date there has never been a single Level 5 Outlaw axle broken so beat on them all you want, you wont break them.
We as well as Ford are anxious to see what your car will do

The FRRP Level 5 Half Shafts are only available through Ford Racing or a Ford Racing dealer.

I had no idea that they were building the Outlaw Level 5's for the FRPP Units.

That is VERY exciting news to me.

We have been using GForce for many years at BMR. In the GM IRS World, we are very dominant - we have been building IRS Suspension components for quite some time - and the GForce stuff has been top notch for us. FRPP made a fine choice, I must say!

I would like to add, for those who are frowning upon the IRS in this car. Our 2010 Camaro, TVS Powered, is in the low 9-Second range...and cuts high 1.2, low 1.3 sixty foot times. We use GForce components on that car, and have been for 4 years now.

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