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So, in preparation for my Shaftmasters 1-Piece DS - I straightened up my pinion angle, via adding a BMR Driveshaft Loop, that I need anyways. Win, WIN.

On our Drive-On lift, I got +3 on the pinion flange angle....and -2 on the engine side.

That is a +1.....which is "okay" for a 2-Piece DS, but not for a 1-piece....ESPECIALLY with those soft IRS Bushings everywhere.

If you are going to upgrade to a 1-Piece DS, I highly recommend upgrading the IRS Diff Mount bushings to something solid. Alum, Delrin, Etc.

For those wondering; "how did the pinion angle change with the DS Loop" - well, our DS Loop Mount plate mounts between the Trans Crossmember and the body. We supply a plate/spacer to retain the angle you have, or you can leave it out like I did...and it will drop the angle of the trans down.

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