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Originally Posted by 32Fountain View Post
Did you guys consider buying an automatic instead of a parts breaking manual. Halfshaft broke on the 4th pass. I don't think that would have happened with the automatic. Plus, the 6A with a Circle D torque converter is faster than a manual anyway.

How much were you spraying on the most recent 10.4 pass at 129 mph.
To be honest the Automatic in the Ford is pretty frigggin weak (easy to break, not good with torque). I still don't get why in the manual version they left the TR6060 which is, well, almost bullet-proof, only in the Shelbys while in the Dodge Challenger R\T and SRT and Camaro SS it is standard, and instead went for the junky time-bomb MT-82 manual. Btw, ya know, no-one finds plus and minus buttons to be "fun"..manuals were faster with the older auto, and you didn't have silly plus and minus buttons on the shifter, and JUST now they are using paddle shifters, SS always had them, SRT\R\T has since 2011 as well, but even the slap-stick was way more fun since 08 for the Challenger in automatic. I was still stunned when I drove a '13 GT Premium Convertible and felt like I was driving a Ford Focus, seriously, up and downshift buttons on the shifter?
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